About The Artist

Elisha Marie (she/her) is a 27 year old artist born in Utah and currently residing in Columbus, OH. Over the last few years she has created various different works of art including abstract paintings, decorative trays, wall decor, ashtrays, earrings, pendants, and more. She most recently has been working with epoxy resin to create one of a kind functional pieces, and currently works with concrete to create incense burners, coasters, etc, and sells them wholesale to retailers around the world. 

As she experimented with different mediums and created art that she feels captures her essence, a fire was ignited in her that led her down a soulful path, and a new passion for life and self expression washed over her that left her feeling curious, enchanted, and magical. The only way she could describe this feeling was: "my soul felt free", and she named her art Free Soul Expressions.

"As I grow and evolve, so does my art. There are so many reasons why I love to create, and making a positive impact is one of them. I want my art to bring people a sense of awe, I want people to feel inspired and joyful when they look at a piece I created or wear my jewelry. My creative journey has been a long one, full of hardships, healing, and growth. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to leave an ever lasting mark on the souls I touch, and I want them to see that their dreams and passions are not out of reach. Each piece of art or jewelry is handcrafted with intention. I put so much love into everything I make and hope that it is felt. When you support my art, you are supporting a soul just like you: full of love, life, and passion for what they do."