Based in Columbus, OH, Elisha Marie is a 29 year old creative visionary, self-taught resin artist, and budding metalsmith. She is the luminary force behind her brand, Free Soul Expressions, which was born in 2016 and serves as a testament to her hard work and resilience as a recognized artist in her local community.

    Elisha’s journey has been nothing short of unconventional. From experiencing a house fire, to losing her big brother, to emergency brain surgery following an intracranial hemorrhage; she remains spirited and tough. Her unwavering passion to create and connect with the world around her has kept a fire ignited in her spirit, always illuminating the path so she never gets lost.

    Elisha’s inspirations never go undeclared; mystic symbolism and her own interpretation of magic are weaved into each piece she creates, whether that be a painting or a pair of earrings. As she learns to embrace the unknown and practice detachment from an outcome, the raw and authentic nature of her work shines through. This is what gives each piece the opportunity to truly speak for itself as an extension of her ever-evolving spirit.