Thank you so much for checking out my shop! My name is Elisha & I am a 26 year old woman living in Columbus, OH. Free Soul Expressions was established in 2017, & is a manifestation of my ever changing free spirit. As I grow and evolve, so does my art. There are so many reasons why I love to create, & making a positive impact is one of them. I want my art to bring people a sense of awe, I want people to feel inspired & joyful when they look at a piece I created or wear my jewelry. My creative journey has been a long one, full of hardships, healing, & growth. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to leave an ever lasting mark on the souls I touch, & I want them to see that their dreams & passions are not out of reach. Each piece of art or jewelry is handcrafted with intention. I put so much love into everything I make & hope that it is felt. When you support my brand, you are supporting a soul just like you: full of love, life, & passion for what they do.