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Free Soul Expressions

Affirmation Sticker

Affirmation Sticker

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Water & scratch proof vinyl stickers. These are the perfect touch to add to a water bottle, laptop, mirror, car, or anything you want! Just make sure to stick ‘em somewhere you won’t forget about since these affirmations are a powerful reminder of our magic.

Nothing is out of reach - 3" x 2.6"

Everything works out for me - 3" x 3.1"

What I want wants me more - 3" x 3”

Everything I desire comes my way - 3" x 2.4"

I don’t chase, I attract - 3" x 3.2"

Now is all there is - 3" x 3.7"


Clean surface with mild soap and water. Avoid contact with corrosive substances. Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time.


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