Free Soul Expressions is the manifestation of an ever evolving, passionate, and curious spirit. Each piece is lovingly crafted with intention; encompassing beautiful imperfections that capture the essence and uniqueness of handmade art.

  • Halloween In July 7/22

    Heritage Hall

    Pickaway County Fairgrounds


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  • Elisha Marie is a soulful, self-made creator who has expressed her spirit in a variety of different ways throughout her life. Whether it be by decorating her space, dying her hair, playing with makeup, or experimenting with fashion - she has always found a way to mirror her inner self.

    In 2018 Elisha began to work with epoxy resin, which she found to be the best way to create art that truly revealed the magic she wished to convey. She created a variety of different pieces that included ashtrays, decorative trays, and décor pieces. She fell in love with the process of working with resin, because it gave her the freedom to experiment with a multitude of different designs and ways of creating, and blessed her with the importance of patience and non attachment to an outcome; in life and in art.

    She currently works with a combination of concrete and resin, which resonates deeply with her and the type of art she wishes to create. Each piece has been lovingly and intently crafted to reflect every phase of her life and what she finds important to share with the world at the time. As she learns and evolves and swims in the mystery, her art becomes even more embedded in her spirit, and she feels a deep privilege and honor to have the opportunity to share it with the world.

    She would not be here without the support of her customers, friends, family, and strangers. No words can accurately express how much she appreciates every single person who has reminded her why she should never stop expressing and sharing herself with the world, and hopes that she can do the same for others through her art.