• Coming Soon: Enchanted Artisan Jewelry

    This collection is born from a lengthy process that involves manipulating and shaping various metals by hand. Each piece is inspired by mystic symbolism and the underlying magic of the human experience while emphasizing the raw and authentic nature of artisan jewelry.

    8/24 @ 2:30pm est 
  • Epoxy Resin Paintings

    Alcohol ink and epoxy resin weave together to transform magic into matter, marrying vibrant colors with ethereal undertones to make each piece feel just as vast and mysterious as the cosmos.

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  • Gold Foil Earrings

    These lightweight and affordable earrings are an original concept and exclusive to Free Soul Expressions, each pair printed, foiled, laminated, and assembled by hand. From Stevie Nicks, to tarot cards, to affirmations ~ this collection offers a variety of different designs to feed your inner mystic. ✩

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