Epoxy resin & alcohol ink combine to transform magic into matter, with enchanting bold colors & ethereal undertones.



From enchanted spell jar pendants that have been filled with herbs and gold, to bohemian earrings that feature charms intently hand-picked by me, each piece of jewelry is created with a specific vision in mind and fused together with an intuitive touch. Inspired by the mystical, magical, & all things in between, my jewelry carries a very specific & captivating energy that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Hi, I'm Elisha! I am a soulful, self-taught artist who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. I established the brand Free Soul Expressions in 2017, which is how I represent myself in the art community and distinguish myself from the rest. The first items I sold under this brand were wire wrapped crystal pendants and small space-inspired paintings. Soon after experimenting with acrylic paint pouring and other abstract art techniques, I began working with epoxy resin.

I quickly discovered this to be the best way to create art that deeply resonates with me and gives me the freedom to create the magic I wish to share with the world. Since then, I've created a variety of different types of resin pieces including trays, paintings, pendants, and home decor. While falling in love with the process of working with this medium, I found a new sense of freedom as I was able to experiment with a multitude of different designs and ways of creating. Not only does resin allow me to create art that I love, it also has blessed me with importance of patience and non-attachment to an outcome. There is a lesson to learn from each piece, with completely unique attributes that cannot be replicated.



I am is influenced by everything that surrounds me, but the things that make the most significant impact on my art are space, astrology, spirituality, the moon, Stevie Nicks, folklore, magick, manifestation, the universe, and my desire to inspire others through my creativity and experiences.